Djibouti sends Reinforcements to AMISOM in Hiiraan, Somalia

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Baladweyne (SDN) –The first group of Djibouti’s AMISOM soldiers have reportedly arrived outside the city of Baladweyne in Hiiraan region.

Witnesses say the soldiers arrived late last night and stayed on the Ethiopian forces base located at Kalabeyr.

The three hundred Djiboutian soldiers who were described by on-lookers as heavily armed are expected to work with Ethiopian and TFG troops to stabilize the city of Baladweyne which has been heavily secured in recent weeks by allied forces.

According to reports the Djiboutian forces are accompanied by French soldiers, the group is expected to set up camp in Baladweyne soon.

Officials with the region of Hiiraan, AMISOM and the transitional federal government have said that Djiboutian troops will take over control of the region from Ethiopian troops who secured Baladweyne from Al-Shabaab militants.

SDN- Baladweyne

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