Somali PM appoints State ministers and Junior Ministers

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Mogadishu Dec 13,2012(SDN)-Somali Prime Minster Mr Abdi Farah Shirdon has announced a number of State and Junior ministers today,thus completing his cabinet.

In the Prime Minster’s announcement today there were 20 Junior ministers and 5 State ministers.

Here are the names and the portfolios of the ministers named in the the first ministers announcement;

Assistant Ministers

  1. Eng. Mohamed Adan Ahmed and Jamal Mohamed Borow, Assistant ministers for foreign affairs.
  2. Hassan Ibrahim Mohamed and Jamaa Ahmed Mohamed, Assistant ministers for Interior Affairs.
  3. Mohamed Hassan Adan and Abubakr Hassan Ali, Abubakr Hassan Ali, Assistant ministers for finance.
  4. Bashir Mohamed Jamaa and Mohamed Moalim Yahye, Assistant ministers for social affairs development.
  5. Fahmo Ahmed Noor and Hassan Mohamed Jimale, Assistant ministers for Justice and religious affairs.
  6.   Nadifo Mohamed Osman and Ali Sheikh Noor, Assistant ministers for public works.
  7. Saeed Hassan Osman and Abdirahman Mohamned Gedi, Assistant ministers for Natioral Resources.
  8. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud and Abdirahman Kulmiye Hirsi, Assistant ministers for defence.
  9. Abdikadir Sheikh Ismail and Mohamed Ali Hagga, Assistant ministers for Trade and Industrialization.
  10. Abdishakur Ali Mire and Ibrahim Yarow Issack, Assistant ministers for Information, Post and Telecommunication.

State Ministers:

  1. Farah Sheikh Abdikadir Mohamed, State Minister in the Office of the President.
  2. Dr. Mohamed Noor Ga’al, State Minister for reconstruction.
  3. Mahdi Mohamud Ali, State Minister for Interior and national security.
  4. Mohameed Rashid Dahir, State Minister for Finance.
  5. Mohamud Ismail Barqadle, State Minister for Social affairs development.


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