A letter To the President of the Republic of Djibouti

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May I first send my heart felt condolences to all victims who lost their lives in Zeila and in Ahmed Dhakax, in lascaanood and in else where and their loved ones. President Siilanyo’s administration is squarely responsible of these un-thoughtful and heinous acts.

Mr. President, when one brain rendered inept (even when that is denied), the affected people turn to the capable and working brain next door. Mr. President you are that working brain and you are our next door neighbor. You are so not for your country only, but you are the glowing light in the ailing horn and for the whole peninsula. For this reason and more we, the concerned Somaliland citizens ask you to help the brothers in Zeila and in the “Salal region as a whole to settle their (government created) differences through your good offices even though this affected area is out side your jurisdiction.

Mr. President, as you well know, the prophet of Allah said, “He who is not concerned of the issues of the believers, is not one of us” the issue of Zeila and Salal as a whole touches not only the two brotherly communities who are very close to us, but it is the concern of all of us there in Djibouti and here in Somaliland. For this reason I am appealing the working brain to help. President Siilanyo’s administration showed unconcerned, thus far!

Mr. President the Somali proverb also says that “Dab munaafaq shiday mumin baa kugubta” a fire fueled by hypocrite burns an innocent believer. Any reactive measures as a consequence of these incidents must be avoided for they affect our innocent people.

I don’t mind if it burns the perpetrators of these crimes and problems for they deserve it.

Mr. President, may we ask you not to allow the people to people movement between our two countries be hindered by these irresponsible acts originated from Somaliland government. When some one is careless and callous people turn away from him. They turn to the caring. Mr. President you earned to be called the caring and the wise man in the region.

The consequences of short sighted, intransigent, inapt and unjust administration which resorts life ammunition against their peaceful civilians touched all of the Somaliland communities from corner to the center to the corner. Zeila is the latest causality of a corrupt and pathetic administration. Some communities are a) licking their wounds emanated from the fraudulent and mismanaged Municipal elections’ b) others found it hard to simply forget it that sooner for they lost sons and daughters. c) All of them find it hard to accept injustice for if they do now they foresee what may happen to them next time if these people, the NEC and the Siilanyo Ministers who managed and mismanaged

the fraud and dispensed the injustice which happened in the country remain around in Siilanyo’s favorites!

These villainous incidents had emanated from the fraudulent elections that happened in Somaliland. Dispensation of injustices and mismanagement has consequences.

In Zeila and in Ahmed Dhakax communities, people lost their lives, and relations poisoned, all by the intransigency, and indifference or probably ignorance of the government of Siilanyo.

The perpetrator of these incidents which caused death and damaged the relationship and harmony between communities in Somaliland is no other than the government of President Siilanyo. The government is accused as the perpetrator of this shameful act by unanimous popular verdict.

In the end of the day it is the government of Mr. Siilanyo that created the mess and it is up to her to solve it. It is her baby! The people of Somaliland are watching. The region is watching. The world is watching, but above all, Allah is watching!

What they are doing and what they are not doing doesn’t add up! And that is why I appeal President Ismail to help.


Thank you Mr. President


From: Ibrahim M Mead

A veteran and one of the founders of the

2nd Republic of Somaliland

A private citizen now

Ottawa, Canada Kingmead1@yahoo.ca

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