Five EU Ambassadors present jointly their credentials to the President of Somalia

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Today, the EU Ambassadors of Germany, Margit Hellwig-Bötte, France, Etienne De Poncins, Spain, Javier Herrera García-Canturri , Belgium, Bart Ouvry, and Finland, Sofie From-Emmesberger , have presented jointly their credentials to the President of Somalia to become their countries’ first Ambassadors to the Federal Republic of Somalia for over 21 years.

With the accreditation of five EU Member States’ Ambassadors to Somalia, the EU expresses its genuine commitment to the people of Somalia and underlines its confidence in the new political dispensation. The EU’s partnership with Somalia is based upon respect for Somali ownership and responsibility.

The EU also believes that this partnership can support Somalia in laying the foundation for a better future for its people.  The EU embraces the government’s  priorities to reconcile the nation, build a federal state, establish security and rule of law, ensure transparent financial management and live in peace with itself and its neighbours.


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