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Abdikadir Guled, Webmaster

Abdikadir is a broadcast journalist and community leader in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. He is well known for his long-standing presence in radio where he hosted the acclaimed Voice of Somalis Program on CKCU. Abdikadir founded Somali Diaspora News in 2009 in response to a need for the exchange of bilateral information from the Diaspora and the Horn of Africa that was severely lacking in the Somali community both in Canada and abroad. He currently manages the Somali Diaspora News website and can be reached at Abdikadir coordinates all of the contributors’ efforts in terms of editing and posting their work.The website is updated continuously throughout the day and any inquiries regarding technical issues and access can be sent to the address above.

Nasir Ali, Chief Editor

Osman is a journalist and editor based in the UK. His position as the columnist of several grassroots publications and newspapers and also websites has solidified him as one of Somali youngest and most versatile reporters. Nasir’s team of freelance journalists gather news from Somalia and Somaliland from their various offices in Garowe, Hargeisa and Mogadishu. As a journalist he has written on a variety of topics including politics and lay political participation, civil society, post-conflict development and minority rights. Any inquiries regarding Somali based news can be forwarded to this address:

Muna Aden, News Editor

Muna serves as the website’s English editor. Her interests are in community and international development, citizen journalism, crowd sourcing the news and communications for development and global health. She addresses the growing need for reliable Somali news for the English speaking Diaspora. Her mandate is to provide information that is culturally, socially, and linguistically relevant to a diverse audience. Any questions regarding English language news can be directed to

Mohamed Abdi Omar (Jaahuur) Sposts Editor

Jaahuur Serves the website’s sports editor.

Somali Diaspora News also has a network of intellectuals who contribute to it’s various topics and current affairs on a daily basis.