The Somaliland ministries of information and health jointly spoke about a degrees they issued to prohibit medical advertisements

Hargeysa 10, Diisembar, 2016-(SDN/QJ) :–The ministries of information Osman A/lahi Saxardiid Cadani and health Dr. Suleiman Ahmed Essa “Xaglo-tosiye” reported from a degree issued by the two ministries related medical advertisements without permissions from the ministry of health.

caddaani-iyo-xagloSomaliland minister of information Osman Saxardid Cadani told that they released a degree which he ordered all media outlets and telecommunication companes not to advertise any medical institution which have not a medical permission from the Somaliland ministry of health. On the other hand, the Somaliland minister of health Dr. Suleiman Essa Ahmed “Xaglo-tosuye” spoke to the media and stated that anyone who rejects this order will be brought to the court.

Source Qurbejoog.com

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