International Media and the Election of the Presidential Palace in Somaliland 13 November Read

Hargaysa 14 November  2017 (SDN/QJ):-Five things you need to know about Somaliland’s vote

 After a seven-year wait, Somaliland will go to the polls to elect a new leader. Here are five things you need to know



The man who buried Somaliland’s dead

It was June 2, 1988, and Hargeisa was under attack. The rat-a-tat-tat of nearby artillery rose above the city and filled Ibrahim Abdullahi’s ears



Codeynta doorashada madaxtinnimada Somaliland oo billaabatay

Dadka Jamhuuriyadda iskeed ugu dhawaaqday madaxbanaanida ee Somaliland ayaa u dareeray goobaha codbixinta si ay u doortaan madaxweynihii shanaad tan iyo markii uu gobolkaasi ku dhawaaqay inuu ka go’ay Soomaaliya inteeda kale, in ka badan shan iyo labaatan sanno ka hor.




Somaliland gets ready for Presidential Election

Somaliland are embarking on their first Presidential Election since 2010.



Somaliland: Vote for Country not Kin

The political campaigning for the race of the highest office in Somaliland is at its end. We have all seen the parties’ political campaigns and party rallies up and down the country.  At this point we all know that it’s a two-camel race, between Kulmiye and Wadani,



Somaliland goes to vote

Somaliland however is yet to be recognised by any “body that needs to give you recognition so that you can be a state”.


Horndiplomat Exclusive Interview with The International Observers of Somaliland Presidential Election

Exclusive Interview -Horndiplomat’s Mohamed Duale and Khadar Mariano conducts an interview with Conrad Heine, Media Coordinator, International Election Observation Mission to Somaliland Presidential Election. Conrad discusses observation mission, selection process of the international observing members. Below are the excerpts of the Interview.



Somaliland hopes election will bolster case for independence

When Somaliland elects its new president on Monday voters will be engaging in a rare event for east Africa: a ballot that is expected to be free, fair and credible.



Two years behind schedule, Somaliland finally heads to the polls

The presidential election in Somaliland – the nation that doesn’t officially exist – takes place on Monday, after a two year delay.




Somaliland’s planned social media blockade during election challenged in court

Somaliland’s decision to ban social media during its election on November 13 has been challenged by the country’s human rights body at the Supreme Court.




We are ready for Monday’s election- Somaliland electoral body

National Electoral Commission (NEC) of the self—declared Independent states of Somaliland said it has finalized preparations for the presidential election scheduled for Monday.



Somaliland to shut down social networks during election period

Self-declared independent state of Somaliland has announced its decision to shut down social media networks on election day November 13, until the results are released.



Somaliland shuts down schools until after Nov. 13 presidential elections

Self-declared independent state of Somaliland has called off school for eight days in preparation towards its third presidential election scheduled for November 13.


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