“Somaliland Won’t be Dictated by the International Community” Said UCID Chairman

Hargaysa 31. January 2017 (SDN/QJ):- Chairman and Presidential candidate of Social and Welfare Party (UCID) Mr. Feisal Ali Warabe, in response to the warning by then International Community not to postpone ballot day said, “The president,3 political parties and the national Electoral Commission (NEC) have agreed to hold the presidential election on October 10,2017. Somaliland isn’t governed by the International Community and as such won’t be dictated like Somalia, by the international community.”

Elaborating this he said that Somaliland will not alter its decision and stated that partners who support us- in the democratization process- to provide 18% of the fund for election; which can be covered by the country.

Speaking at the handover ceremony of the new leadership of the Youth Umbrella (SONYO)Mr. Feisal Ali Warabe warned the House of Elders, which is empowered on extension of terms in office saying “We warn you against any extension beyond the date agreed on- which is October 10, 2017. This will result in public demonstration and called on youth to be ready for the demonstration.”

He criticized youth elected for the Local Government Council saying that he will recommend the revision of the Article that allows for youth to take part in elections.

“I work for the general good of the people and am out spoken and tell even close friends that they are wrong. Youth ele3cted for the Local Government Council are criticized a lot. Traditionally people with experience and sufficient income used to be elected for the council. They used to meet a number of times annually and used to be given allowance when they meet. Today we have a mayor, his assistant and 25 members of the council who are regular employees and paid monthly. This should change and the municipality has to be like other international municipalities.”

The chairman added that youth should be assisted to be professionals before replacing mature and experienced people.

Asking himself a hypothetical question he said, “How can a youth who is inexperienced, not married, unprofessional be a mayor? And What can he do if elected to such a post?”


Source:The Horizon

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